Local Girl's Guide to Oahu
Get Local.  Live Local.

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"Hawaii from a local's perspective"

All the information about activities, local food delights, places that you just wouldn't find anywhere else.  A must-have local guide for anybody to see Hawaii from a local's perspective.

- S. Goel (Brunswick, Ohio)

"Made the trip less touristy"

I loved using the Local Girl's Guide to Maui and Oahu!  I made the trip more personal and less touristy..

- L. Baldschun (Portland, Oregon)

"Great tool"

I found it to be a great tool for us to enjoy our time in your beautiful land.  When I come back, I will get the Maui one.

- C. Fey (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

"Hidden gems of Honolulu"
This is a must for anyone interested in finding the hidden gems of Honolulu and Oahu. It's well organized, a fun read and covers everything from beauty shops to hole in the wall restaurants favored by locals. Donna's research is extensive and ensures that the information in the Guide is always up to date.

- B. Marcucci (Santa Rosa, California)

"Saved me time and effort"
I'm Hawaii-born but have been living on the mainland for many years. I used the guide and tried out places I'd never been to and might not have discovered on my own. Every one was great! The guide saved me a lot of time and effort and I'll definitely use it for my next trip.

- C. Sumida (Menlo Park, California)

"Best poke I've ever had"
A great source to get away from the all of the tourist traps. Really helpful in finding local restaurants, even ones that aren't too far from the main tourist locations. Was able to find some of the best poke I've ever had!

- J. Chin (Redwood City, California)

"The real Hawaiian food scene"
We have been to Hawaii many times but did not realize how much we were missing until we used the Local Girls Guide to Oahu. The guide is fun to read, very thorough and covers everything from small groceries, food trucks, “hole-in-the-wall” establishments, as well as special occasion restaurants. The guide also is essential if you venture out from Honolulu to the North Shore. This guide is definitely a go-to resource if you want to experience the real Hawaiian food scene. If you “live to eat” like we do… Local Girl’s Guide to Oahu is a MUST HAVE!

- R. Mayer (Portola Valley, California)

"Neighborhood ethnic restaurants"
I go home to Hawaii for friends, family and FOOD!  If you want a quick guide to selecting a restaurant of choice from an ethnic or area Local Girl's Guide is the best way to do it. I planned my five-day stay on Oahu around where we would eat each day.  Compulsive? Yes!  Divine? Yes!  In reading about each restaurant I found the suggestions and food recommendations to be helpful.  Even though I visit Oahu often, I found this guide to offer new places I didn't know about. Very good information even for a local like me.

- J. Pimentel (Placerville, California)

"Nice guide that loads onto my phone"
I got this book after using the Local Girl's Guide to Maui on my recent trip to the Valley Isle.  Spot on recommendations!  Nice to have a guide that loads onto my phone.  I don't want to carry a physical book around with me in the car or in luggage.  Takes up too much room.  If you're traveling to Oahu or if you live on a neighbor island and want to know where to eat when you are visiting, Local Girl's Guide to Oahu is the perfect, and ONLY guide you'll need.  There is a lot of great non-food information, but the food is the best part for me.  Unlike a physical book that is already outdated as soon as it comes off the press, this one is constantly updated so I know who has the best poke on different sides of the island and where I can find it.  I always know what to order.  'The Guide' is a time saver.  On your way to the beach and need to know where to stop for mochiko chicken closeby?  Consult The Guide.  Best place to pick up a guava chiffon cake when you're heading to a friend's luau?  Go to The Guide.  Great places for drinks and pupus within walking distance of your condo...The Guide. 

- J. Price (New York City, New York)

"Wealth of information"
Each time I go to Oahu, I purchase the most recent Local Girl's Guide to Oahu so that I have the latest information to make my vacation go smoothly.  It has a wealth of information that I have found to save me time and frustration.  It was really helpful this last vacation when we decided to visit Leonard's Bakery and knew to expect long lines and no parking.  We got lucky because there was only one car there when we arrived, but the parking lot was full and the line long when we left a few minutes later.

- W. Kling (Alta Loma, California)